Moments that matter

Talk to the consumers when they are ready to listen

Today’s consumers are used to an (almost) constant exposure to commercials and marketing. That have led to them developing an extremely effective filter mekanism. Most people don’t even notice the large amount of commercials, and of those they do notice, its a very small amount where the actual message is received.

The low penetration rates results in a state of huge competition among the advertising companies. When its is so few of the advertisements where the actual message gets through to the individual consumer, its is incredibly important (and difficult) to be one of the few. Most often the victory goes to large companies with large marketing budgets to create and by expensive commercials in large quantities. However, if you are sitting in a small business that can not compete with companies like Coca Cola then you should consider a different approach to mass exposure and expensive television advertisements. Your tactic should be to talk to the consumers when they are willing to listen to what you have to say. And when is that? One thing is certain, they are not willing and ready to listen if you disturb them in the middle of a good movie, when eating dinner or is putting the kids to bed. Consumers are ready to listen when it is relevant to them:

If you need your bike to be repaired, you go online and search for a cheap/good/practical place to have it repaired. Doing that you seek out the bike mechanics messages and chooses the one that you find suits you the best. If a bike mechanic doesn’t appears in the search results, or the message seems sloppy, you will be choosing someone else. There being made millions of searches on products and information every day. Make sure to be where the customers are when they are there. Which on the internet is all the time.

Google Trends

As a company You can benefit from “Google Trends” to get a glimpse of what is happening among consumers. Google Trends is a service from Google, that shows what subjects and search words that is trending.

During the “horse meat scandal” in Europe in 2013, where unauthorised horsemeat were being sold as ox, a large peak in searches on horse meat could be observed. Studies showed that approximately 40% of Danes got interested in testing the horse. That resulted in a brief moment with a huge market for horse meat steaks, but very few that sold it. The horse meat example is rather extreme but its a good example of how google trends can be used as a benchmark of what’s interesting the consumers. Is it environment? Safety? Social life? or something else?

Move in the same speed as your customers, otherwise they will outrun you!

If you as a company isn’t present online then make sure to be. Your customers are super digital and if you aren’t as well, they will outrun you. 53% of people who buys a certain product, aren’t in the defined target group and more than 10% of the population can’t be reached through television. You need to keep up, not just with your known competition, but with the consumers as well.

Modern consumers wants to recive information on their own terms

Consumers are fleeing from old flow services like regular TV and radio, and over to “on demand” media like Youtube, Netflix, Internet radio, etc. Meet the consumers there, be ready as an interesting an appealing option rather than forcing yourself on them, it will be both cheaper and more effective in the long run.

Relational branding

When consumers are out shopping they are open to impressions and marketing messages, take advantage of that. By relational branding you can cooperate with other businesses that aren’t your competition, to strengthen both your brands.

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